Mann, Thomas: lettera dattiloscritta firmata

Prezzo: Disponibile a richiesta
Autore: Mann, Thomas
Titolo: lettera dattiloscritta
Data: 1951

Mann, Thomas: lettera dattiloscritta firmata di una pagina (27 x 18,5 cm.) su carta intestata: 20 febbraio 1951. In lingua inglese. Mann scrive a Giancarlo Camerana, presidente dell’ACI. Fori d’archiviazione lontani dal testo.

(…) Your kind letter of February 6th is in my hands, and I thank you for the flattering invitation it contains. However, because of my age and my no longer reliable health I have completely given up such lecture trips, and I therefore not undertake to hold the speeches at Turin, Genoa, and Rome. In appreciation of the confidence you show me, however, I would like to make a counterproposal: My daughter Erika is much better lecturer than I and in this capacity is having great success in this country. She speaks English and German absolutely freely, and lectures in a highly intelligent and extremely entertaining fashion on the same problems whose discussion you might have expected from me. I dare say that her performances would, in all probability, find great favor also in Italy (…)

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